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Bone Tag

by PackTags

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The Bone is the lightest, but thickest and strongest of all the tags due to its compact shape. It is made of high-quality brass, making it both durable and lightweight, and the permanently shiny engravings give it a unique look. The Bone is attached to a thick stainless-steel key ring which makes it almost impossible to lose!


Comes in a charming protective pouch.


Pairs nicely with the Hoopie collar.


  • Made of high-quality brass
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Attached to a thick stainless-steel key ring
  • Permanent shiny engraving
  • Available in four colors (Aged Silver, Aged Brass, Aged Copper, Black)
  • Unique and personally customized  


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amazing products!

loved my dog tag, many thanks!

By shoghag on Apr 12, 2018

By Spiro on May 02, 2018

By Elie on May 02, 2018

By Hussam on May 02, 2018





Width: 30mm

Length: 17mm

Thickness: 2.6mm

Weight: 6.7g





Width: 37mm

Length: 21mm

Thickness: 3.3mm

Weight: 13.1g